Simplifying the Complex Every Day

This site results from a decade of work in the fragmented and oftentimes unnecessarily complicated wellness industry. After a decade and a half of participating in meaningless conversations about incentives and competitions, I was burnt out on wellness. I was also burnt out from constant conversations about body weight and listening to people extol the virtues of unbalanced, dangerous diets. 

The truth is that although these problems with modern-day “wellness” have led to a great deal of frustration for me over the years,  I truly love sharing health information with others. I have grandiose dreams of improving the average person’s health literacy and sharing tools to help professionals do their work more effectively. 

I am currently a registered dietitian in school (NYU) to attain professional copyediting, proofreading, and fact-checking certification. Please join me as I continue to uncover ways to spread information based on solid science and put bad research into context for the average person.

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