This site is the result of a decade of work in the wellness industry; work that has included practicing clinical dietetics in a wide variety of settings (inpatient, outpatient, psych, skilled care, pediatrics, etc.), researching and writing hundreds of articles in a variety of forums, and partnering with wellness vendors as a corporate wellness manager.

I was a staff writer and member of the management team for Nutrition411.com from 2007 – 2016. In this role, I wrote up to 20 pieces a month, including patient handouts, slide sets, tips sheets, and other professional resources. I also created the bimonthly Nutrition 411 Newsletters, including special editions such as Diabetes 411 and Wounds 411, and scripted the monthly e-blasts (Hot Topics).  Other special projects included writing articles for Wound and Ostomy Journal and Caring magazine, producing policies and procedures for the Visiting Nurses Association of America, and reviewing CE programs offered by food companies

As a Subject Matter Expert – Primary Reviewer for LearningMate Solutions, Inc. I provide temporary assistance on projects including: development of online courses for hospital staff education, creating assessments for textbooks and credentialing boards, and updating instructor materials. In this role, I have written a variety of practice exams for nurses (NCLEX), certified diabetes educators, and dietitians.

Other publications that I have written for include: Vibrant Life magazine, Plus magazine, the Erickson Tribune newspaper, theSavvygal online magazine, Skirt! magazine, Today’s Dietitian, In Wheeling magazine, and The Dominion Post newspaper.

In my current role at a growing health insurance company, I act as an education liaison for the staff, members, providers, employer groups, and the community. I am responsible for developing and implementing customized wellness programs and I serve as team lead for employer group wellness vendor programs. I work in tandem with BI reporting, Cave reporting, and other internal resources to capture data to create a comprehensive clinical and financial picture by LOB, employer group, or member level detail. I am responsible for providing ROI and VOI based on claims data analysis, productivity, absenteeism rates, etc.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, drinking wine, and pretending to be an artist. Most of all, though, I just like to make people laugh.

I am a proud INFJ personality type (“the advocate”), which means that only 1% of people in the world are like me…thank God.


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