This site is the result of a decade of work in the wellness industry; work that has included practicing clinical dietetics in a wide variety of settings (inpatient, outpatient, psych, skilled care, pediatrics, etc.), researching and writing hundreds of articles in a variety of forums, and partnering with wellness vendors as a corporate wellness manager.

I have been a staff writer and member of the management team for Nutrition411.com, a peer-reviewed website now owned by HMP publications, since 2007. Writing up to 20 articles a month, I continually research and analyze current topics and trends in nutrition and medicine.

Other publications that I have written for include: Vibrant Life magazine, Plus magazine, the Erickson Tribune newspaper, theSavvygal online magazine, Skirt! magazine, Today’s Dietitian, The Journal of Wound and Ostomy Management, Caring magazine, In Wheeling magazine, WellPledge.com, and The Dominion Post newspaper. I recently accepted a consultant position as Subject Matter Expert – Primary Reviewer for learningmate.com to review and provide recommendations on a series of continuing education courses for nurses and other health professionals in the hospital setting. Additionally, I have created policies for the Visiting Nurse’s Association of America manual for several years, most recently updated in 2014.

In my current role at a growing health insurance company, I collaborate with Consumer Driven Services on implementation strategies for new clients, create and maintain accurate reporting packages, and educate and meet with vendor consumers for enhancement of communication and better understanding of the platform.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, drinking wine, and pretending to be an artist. Most of all, though, I just likes to make people laugh.

I am a proud INFJ personality type (“the advocate”), which means that only 1% of people in the world are like me…thank God.


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