Self-Compassion: Two Tiny Lists for a New Outlook

January is a time of self-imposed pressure for many of us, so it’s a little ballsy of me to add two tasks but stay with me. I want you to make two lists. These aren’t lists that you can sit down and create right now. They are records that, if you’re with me (and I hope that you are), you will continue to add to for a very long time. Carry them in your purse, stick them to your refrigerator, or keep them in your desk drawer – but add to them regularly.

Self-Compassion: What are you doing right?

The first is an inventory of things that you are doing right. Not a recount of things that you need to change or add to your lifestyle, and not a rehash of all of your shortcomings; these are things that you don’t want to lose sight of as you grow in other areas of your life. Maybe you’re known as a thoughtful person, eat healthfully, sleep well, keep your workspace organized, or keep a close eye on your finances – whatever it is, write it down and give yourself credit for it. Reread the list now and again, and make sure that you haven’t lost sight of these things that you were once proud of achieving. This article outlines why successful people focus on what’s going right, rather than what’s going wrong.

Self-Compassion: What are you going to stop doing?

The second list is an undo list. It is precisely what it sounds like – the exact opposite of a to-do list. What are you going to stop doing? Are you done with suffocating your feelings, trying to control things that are out of your hands, obsessing about the past, or wasting time on something that no longer brings you joy? 

It’s that simple – two lists,  but I promise that it can make a huge difference in your life