Holiday Stress: Making Special Events Happier

Most of Us Don’t Talk About Holiday Stress

Forty-five percent of people would prefer to skip Christmas altogether. Another 25% of people report feeling “extreme stress” as the Holidays get closer. Although we may try, there is no way to “push aside” Holiday stress. You can’t force cheer when your well is dry. Feelings rebound, and when they do, they often come back even more powerfully. Those pesky little feelings need to be validated and can’t stand to be ignored.

Why Are Our Holidays Not So Happy?

Lack of time (69% of survey respondents), a shortage of money (69% of survey respondents), and pressure to give or get gifts (51% of survey respondents) are some of the most significant sore spots. Of course, dealing with the loss of a loved one or struggling with illness are the most difficult situations that people cope with during the season of purported joy.

Take a Break From The Hallmark Channel

Although everyone says that they know life isn’t like a Hallmark movie, separating what your mind knows and what your heart desires can be difficult for many people. The discordance between our own lives and what we see on television and social media can be surprisingly difficult to deal with. One strategy that many people find helpful for dealing with these feelings is a regular gratitude practice.

The Fix For Holiday Stress (Your Free Workbook)

This booklet was initially developed to be used as part of a workplace wellness class. It can help all individuals looking to take a more mindful approach to the Holidays this year. By accepting the things that we can’t change, being realistic about our expectations, and keeping up with our healthy habits, we can make the most of this season.

If you’re interested in delving more deeply into this subject, the American Psychological Association offers an entire resource center dedicated to Holiday stress.