Nutrition Quiz: Simple Swaps for Big Impact

You’re Confused About Nutrition Because It’s Confusing

Here’s the thing: Nutrition is confusing! Partly because it’s a science and therefore inherently complicated. But partly because there are a whole lot of people who make a whole lot of money just by keeping you guessing. Think about how many books, courses, programs, food products, and supplements are sold daily. It’s in the best interests of many people to make you feel that you are missing critical information. It’s not your fault.

You Have to Start with the Basics

You can’t possibly understand the ketogenic diet if you don’t know the basics of human metabolism. Fatty liver disease won’t make any sense to you if no one ever told you that some types of sugar have to be processed by the liver, while others enter the blood directly from the intestines. It’s pointless to ask people to cut back on high saturated fat foods if you don’t tell them why it’s essential to do so. So start small. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole. Try to learn one new thing about nutrition every day but only use reputable sources. Facebook and Instagram are not reputable sources. Visit websites that end with .org or .gov.

Take It Slow With This Nutrition Quiz

Here’s an excellent place to start your journey: Test your nutrition knowledge with this quiz, proving that small changes can lead to significant results.