Things to Think or Journal About in November and December


I’m one of those people who has every intention of being more mindful…every intention in the world until I throw myself into 1,000 different projects and proceed to act as mindlessly as possible for long periods of time. I’m somewhat skeptical that mindfulness is the savior that some people claim it is, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s good that I tend to not listen to half of the words other people say around me, that I can’t remember the names of people I’ve seen every day for years, and that I truly have no notion of how I’m feeling emotionally or physically until it’s way too late to do anything about it. Again, it’s all about that struggle to find a happy medium that eludes myself and so many other people that I know. I have bought books that list things to think about or journal about and I have flipped through those pages aimlessly without bothering to concentrate on any one prompt long enough to form a thoughtful response to the question posed. It’s time to turn over a new leaf, though, and while I might not care to think about how I could “dance with mystery” in the near future, because I prefer that my days not start with large amounts of illegal substances, I might be able to try to concentrate on these things for a few minutes (no more than three; we all have our limits):

  1. What things do I have in my house that I love and want to use, but never actually take the time to enjoy? (Examples include things like foot massagers, speakers, hot tubs, kitchen tools/appliances, books that are left unread, etc.) Where could I find time in 2017 to use these things?
  1. What are the only things that truly need to be done on a monthly basis? For example, bills really do need to be paid and the sheets need to be changed (because you’re not nasty), but you probably don’t really need to get your nails done or update your social media pages right now.
  1. What could you plan ahead for now so that you won’t be stressed later? Could you buy all of the greeting cards that you’ll need for the entire year at one time (check out or plan all of your meals for the next month?
  1. If someone asked you what you value most or enjoy most in life, what would you say? Now look at the past week from an outsider’s eyes, does it demonstrate your values and priorities?
  1. How much time would you save by just doing what you think about the most? How much time to you devote to thinking about, or worrying about it, every month? Example might be losing weight, paying off credit card debt, quitting smoking, deep cleaning the house, or getting a new job.
  1. What do you most want to learn how to do? Do you want to learn an art, how to play an instrument, how to use a computer program, or how to fix your own bathroom sink so that you don’t have to call the plumber for the eleventh time? Whatever it is, what are the first three steps that you need to take? Schedule those first three steps.
  1. What are you looking forward to over the next few months? Is there anything? Any concerts, family gatherings, dinner with friends? If the answer is no, could you change that?
  1. Pay attention to every part of your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. What do you find? Are your feet sore, your shoulders tight, your stomach a little upset? Are you surprised to discover these things, because you never would have noticed if you didn’t consciously think about it?
  1. In what ways did you grow in 2016? How are you better today than you were a year ago?
  1. What is the most stressful thing for you about this time of year? What could you do to make it as manageable as possible?