So, Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Of course, you’re not! I’m a silly girl. Have you ever read those fun Martha Stewart calendars that are in the front of her magazine every month? You haven’t!? Well, you haven’t lived. I think that they are supposed to inspire us to be better versions of ourselves…I can only assume. However, these are real examples of things on Martha Stewart’s to do list:

  • Pick quinces and make jelly
  • Prepare chicken coops for winter; install heat lamps
  • Have horses reshoed

I’m not inspired, not only because I don’t have any experience with quinces and chicken freak me out (as do all winged creatures that don’t blink), but also because doing these things would mean that I wouldn’t have time to get to the things that need to be done -paying bills, taking showers, vacuuming every now and again. This is called prioritization, and I am a big-time believer in the power of prioritization. Whether you’re leaning in like Sheryl Sandberg or thriving like Arianna Huffington, you’re essentially prioritizing. It just doesn’t sound catchy as a book title.

I think everyone, and especially women, tends to be incredibly unrealistic regarding what they can accomplish outside of work. Really, if you work, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to achieve any more than three personal tasks daily. We can talk more about this later, but think about it – three a day seems to be the limit. Are you setting yourself up for failure? In the meantime, here’s a calendar that will hopefully help us to prepare for the Holidays without the usual midnight runs for scotch tape, frantic online shopping with astronomical shipping charges for two-day delivery, and desperate searches for a pair of shoes on Christmas morning when we’re already running 30 minutes late.