What You Won’t Find Here

The following is an abbreviated list of stuff that you’re not going to find here that you can see in an abundance of other places if you so desire:

You’re not going to find recipes that I’ve copied from other websites and magazines, changed two or three ingredients, and called my own. There’s a fine line between being inspired and outright stealing ideas.

You’re not going to find the word “bomb.” At least I hope not, because I’m sick of bombs – bath bombs, bacon-wrapped meatball bombs, maple almond fudge fat bombs, garlic herb cheese bombs, etc. So no bombs, because I don’t think that they sound enticing at all. If you want to learn more about the multitude of bombs out there, do a simple Pinterest search like I just did.

Also, you won’t find any “bullets” here – not a bullet journal, bulletproof coffee, recipes for your Nutribullet, bulletproof career advice, etc. Does anyone else think it’s odd that people are trying to make the words bullet and bomb part of our everyday conversations? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…

Makeup tips for strobing, smoky eyes, contouring, or highlighting. Life is too short to paint stripes on my face every morning to make my nose look smaller or make my face appear more cartoonish. I try to look like a human as much as possible these days. Getting older certainly has its pluses.

I’m not going to talk about celebrities for several reasons: I don’t know any (that’s a big one), I’m not likely to run into anywhere I live, I don’t care (like at all), and other people do that for a living.

Funny/cute animal and baby videos. I don’t have any funny or adorable animals and babies of my own to exploit, and my understanding is that these things aren’t that amusing unless you have a few of your own to share (kind of like trading Garbage Pail Kids), which I get.

I’m not going to recommend that you exclude entire food groups, “detox” your body, adopt an elimination diet without any medical supervision, eat metric tons of coconut oil, turn all of your food into liquids via juicing or souping or making smoothies or do a lot of burpees. The last one isn’t dangerous for most people; I’m just sick of the word burpee (like bullet and bomb, and is anyone else seeing a pattern here?), and also – I think they are the opposite of fun.

Those are a few of the things that you won’t find here. I don’t judge people who want to plagiarize recipes, bullet, create bombs (except for real bombs – I entirely judge those people), strobe, follow the Kardashians, watch videos of funny puppies all day, or give up solid foods. You do you; I just wanted to be upfront about the fact that you won’t be getting any tips or “hacks” about these subjects here. I also won’t be using the word hack again for as long as I live. Pinky swear.